A guest blog from one of this year’s team captains.

2019 will be Lauren & Blink’s third year on the small team. This year I’ve asked Lauren to step up to be team captain of the small team at the world championships.

Here’s Lauren’s blog…

I’m Lauren Langman and I’m crazily happy and a touch excited about being the team captain for the small FCI 2019 event. There is something truly magical when you are given the opportunity to represent your country.

When I brought Blink home just over 4 years ago I knew deep in my heart that she would make team GB. I’m so grateful to actually realise my dreams with her, she is just 5, she has a heart of gold and puts in 110% every time. This will be her third time on in team GB – what an honour and what a cool journey. Being on the team is a roller coaster experience, thrilling for sure but never without it ups and downs. Some of the highs:

  • A wow team experience – it’s an amazing place to be!
  • The judges and the courses are super – it really is a world class experience.
  • The excitement and build up of the event and being at the event with the best of the best – its truly inspirational!


Some of the lows?

  • It doesn’t always go your way – some days you don’t get what you want on course and off!
  • Sometimes you don’t qualify, it doesn’t mean you weren’t awesome, it’s sometimes out of your control and the lucks not on your side. That sucks
  • It can be emotional … but that’s just because we care, for me I take the roughs with the smooths.

So what does it take to get into team GB?

  • Some grit and tenacity, there will be failures on the way.
  • A good mental game – this is something I really enjoy now.
  • A kind and willing dog who loves the game as much as you do. It’s important that your dog thrives on pressure or at least can handle it. The environment asks a lot of your dog at the big events.
  • Some team spirit!
  • Flexibility
  • Optimism
  • And so much more but that’s a start.

So what does team GB 2019 actually mean for me and how does my season now look?

  • Some appropriate goal setting and not just running Blink for the sake of it. We run with intention and purpose and we have some goals to achieve!
  • Fitness and planning for me and for Blink and for the small team and plans for sessions for us to train together.
  • Finland 🇫🇮 whoop! A long road trip planned and many travel logistics.
  • Skills and course training ready for the courses we will be seeing in Finland! The style is for sure different to what we are used to.
  • Building team work in our small team and ensuring we all do the best job together that we can. I can’t wait to step into that FCI arena again – it’s electric!

And last but not least, what does being a team captain mean for me?

This is a completely new experience for me but my gut feeling is to not feel pressure but to thrive on it. To prepare well and to be ready for whatever life throws at us as a team. To work together but also be okay in the knowledge that everyone works differently and that’s okay too. I don’t feel any extra pressure, I feel great about the role. We have our first captains meeting early in May and I will then understand more about my role but I hope to support the small team in any way I can as well as being there for the other team captains as needed. What an exciting year 2019 is shaping up to being.

If you ever have a dream, always dare to try and realise it, live, laugh, love dogs.

Lauren Langman

April 2019 🙌

22 thoughts on “A guest blog from one of this year’s team captains.”

  1. WOOHOO! So immensely happy and proud that you have made the team again ……. but not only that………..TEAM CAPTAIN! You had the dream, you set the goals and you have achieved. Congratulations – now go lead your team in style and give it everything you’ve got. #FCI2019

  2. I couldn’t think of a better team captain as having followed Lauren’s Pro Dog Trainer system for the last two years, I’ve watched as she’s coached and supported hundreds of others to achieve their dreams!

  3. Wow wow wow!! Lauren and Blink are a dream team! Lauren is a huge inspiration to me and I just love watching her train and run her dogs. She is going to be an amazing team captain.

  4. Super congratulations, and what an honour with a special super little girl by your side, I have no doubt you will be awesome! I’m sure you can and will guide the whole team through this experience. Me and my girls are grateful every day for the guidance and difference you make to our lives with your support and training with PDT and absolute dogs. Good look everyone with a captain like Lauren I’m sure you will all be truly amazing. #awesometeamGB

  5. Rachel Robertson

    What a wonderful achievement! Well done. You always help, encourage and support, with a GSOH! You’ll make a fantastic captain! Xx

  6. Deborah Aiken

    Fantastic you’ll make an amazing captain. All the best of luck and I know you and Blink will give 110%.

  7. Kevin Mackintosh

    Absolutely awesome team you have worked so hard with Blink to get where you are now go and run it like you stole it 🤗🤗

  8. Michelle Ingham

    So amazing to see the hard work and dedication Lauren puts into her training. Very lucky to have her as a coach and to learn from her, it is a privilege to see the results she is getting! Optimism isn’t something to aspire to, it is a way of life. The power of ‘positivity’ is truly life changing!

    Good luck Lauren & Blink and Team GB!!!!

  9. Carolina Sixt

    So excited for you both and for the team, you are sooo inspirational and Blink really is a trooper, it is a joy to watch your relationship and how much fun you have while running <3 Best of luck, they couldn't have choosen a better captain for the team!

  10. Sandra Goodwin

    Lauren wishing you & Blink all the very best of luck ☘️ when you compete in Finland for GB 🇬🇧
    To represent your country must be a dream come true,then to get chosen to be Team Captain, 😃 Well you so deserve it you work hard always there to help other people, you are such a inspiration, I couldn’t think of a better person for the role, And to top it of you will have your special best girl by your side 🐾🐾 you go and show them all. Good Luck 💜💚💜💚

  11. Very inspirational! Go Go Go! Lauren and Blink! That energy of yours is contagious! Sending good luck and lots of energy!

  12. Woohoo!! Congratulations Lauren! So proud of you. You are such an inspiration to 1000s across the globe, it is so lovely to see you recognised for your commitment to the sport. I can’t wait to watch you lead your team because I know you will absolutely ace it! And of course congrats to Blink as well, you two make the perfect partnership!

  13. That’s awesome and well deserved! Congratulations🌟 so super excited for you and Blink! You are an inspiration and will make an awesome Captain 🙌🌟❤️

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