I had a dream

Oh yes I believed in this weekend sooo much.

Individually I had dreams for Chic, Pikachu & Moog and hopes for Rhyme with his transfer too 😉.

Looking back even for me… the looking on the bright side expert, it is a little bit of a stretch to believe I’d achieved.

Let’s take a deeper look……..

Starting with Little Miss Perfect Paws (Chic) – to be fair she was amazing, she hadn’t even done a full round of agility at home, let alone a round in a competition environment with other dogs and people around. Chic took it all in her stride, walked to the exercise area, did what she needed to do (and sometimes she can be fussy about that), walked to the rings, played in the queue, sat on the start line and waited while I walked out and she ran round doing what was in front of her. She checked-in with me a few times and maybe thought the ‘tunnel’ command meant don’t do the tunnel because she stopped when I said it – just young dog things.

The second run we nearly ran clear…except that I missed a bit out a whole section of the course!



Dream of a clear round at her first show gone.

To be fair for a long time I did actually think it had been achieved and we were clear on the course I did.

Agility is a learning journey that I want to enjoy for a long time with my dogs. She enjoyed herself that was certain and maybe I learnt something too. 😉

Next up was Pikachu who started the season so well with a couple of wins but now we seem to be getting one little thing wrong each time.

  • The clear we had was not quick enough because of a twiddle at the end of the course.
  • The very nice round that showed our potential had a blip in the weaving poles. Well, when I say blip I mean that I uttered the words “good girl” just before the end so obviously that meant I was going to give her a treat and out she popped out for the treat.
  • I’m not taking the blame for a head down sniffing moment that caused her to run past a wing and then back jump it on the agility course that was good in every other way.


That dream of a clear round ‘team’ and Novice Cup dog looks a long way away.

Talking of a long way away. That’s certainly not what I manage to get from Moog on the start line…although he’s gone a long way before I manage to catch him up.

The power of that dog is jaw dropping at times and soul destroying when you’ve not got a strong start line (yet).



The dream of walking out, releasing calmly and completing a round with some decorum needs quite a bit of adjustment.

It’s like being addicted to fruit machines – I turn up with visions of gaining a jackpot, put all my being into the slots, watch excitedly as the wheels spin only to be dismayed with two cherries and a lemon and no pay out. Yet I can hear people around winning and think that if I just keep putting those pennies in then one day my machine will hit the big prizes.

At least Rhyme showed how well trained he was and gained a win, a second and a fifth with Mark. I’m looking forward to watching them consistently beating the courses.


Meanwhile I am regrouping, checking my targets and ensuring my habits are going to take me in the right direction towards the correct level of success instead of just randomly dreaming.

2 thoughts on “I had a dream”

  1. Janet Sheppard

    Hi Karen , I can totally relate to this blog .. as you can imagine I had high hopes of a clear round at least with Druid but not to be .. I take home many positives and as always areas to work on … overall very chuffed and on the job training as I likened it to “ we have passed our driving test .. now we are learning to drive !”
    I often when training with Druid still think back to our training sessions and use those memory banks for inspiration…

    1. Good analogy and I’m sure you and Dru will be getting those clears soon. TBH he doesn’t have to do anything to impress as he is gorgeous 😍

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