Exciting times ahead

Christine Hicks and Chloe Brown share their squad experiences and thoughts about preparations for this years championships as two handlers new to Agility Team GB.


Having received an invitation to join the GB squad, instead of giving agility a “rest” for January and February I decided to keep ticking over until the first squad day with weekly training with Jo Gleed and, when weather permitted, in my field.

At first squad day, we received loads of information and being really motivated, it was time to start training in earnest. Having set myself goals I enrolled in as much training as I could with trainers that I thought could help us with the type of courses and handling that were going to be expected at the Championships.

Although I considered myself to be fit, I had to be fitter so I joined the local gym and enlisted the help of a personal trainer who put together a programme of exercise that would achieve the kind of fitness required for agility. I started going to the gym twice a week and running in park runs.

Otto continued his training in group sessions, one to ones and I put up one of the courses from our “playbook” once a week to practise. I discovered that with some tweaking a lot of these courses can be run backwards!

Between now and the Championships I will be keeping up my fitness programme. We will be competing in Championship classes and the European Tour. I will also continue to practice courses in my field, as well as keeping up our weekly training with Jo.

Our team is having some training days together and a team bonding day out, getting to know each other.



Hi, my name is Chloe Brown and I am running my Licosateria Sheltie, Tye, in the European Open and I’ve been selected to be a Travelling Reserve for the World Championship. So many emotions went through my head when I received the phone call for this opportunity, amazed, grateful and excited being just a few. 

Being a newbie on the squad, I felt I had a lot to live up to and worked hard to prove I deserved a chance on the team. Whilst coming up through the GB Development Programme, I started looking the different courses we may be tested on and the skills required to run them. This definitely helped me prepare for the courses we would see.

Living further away in Cornwall makes travelling to training days difficult. However, I ensured to research Squad day and Performance Weekend judges and examine their courses. One tequnique that really helped me prepare, involved setting up a squad day judges’ courses and running them for a clear round as if I was at the EOs.

In the run up to the events, Tye will continue his physiotherapy and hydrotherapy on a regular basis, with coordination and balance work at home. I will be keeping on top of my fitness and researching courses from the judges we will be running under when abroad.

Finally, thank you to the coaching team for allowing me on this journey and especially to team small. They have been so supportive from day 1, and I am very grateful for them helping me with my travel arrangements. I can’t wait to run alongside this fantastic team.

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