Its All in The Mind

Strengths and passion drive our coaching students to develop their habits that move them towards their dreams/goals.

It’s illustrative of why we’ve changed who runs which of our dogs.

One of Marks strengths is his ability to apply himself to a course which is why he is now running Rhyme.  He is also now running Pikachu: she lets Mark do what he loves to do – race around a course and oh boy is she up for racing too 😲

Chic is doing well for a young dog. We are creating habits and understanding how to work together at a show. Contacts equipment is still being taught so we can relax and gain experience on G2 jumping courses. She is my calm in the storm and regains my faith in what I do and how I train. I can write goals and training plans knowing the work I put in will materialise in the competition ring… and she will deliver. Followers of my blog know how I love a bit of planning 😉

Moog has possibly been mislabelled as his actual agility performance good and is from the ground work Mark has put in.

He know his skills – jumping, weaves, contacts and directional commands and will apply them – when he’s not overexcited.

I have only taken on the task of calming him down at shows (Moog) which will enable him to deliver his incredible skills on course and win big (with me gaining all the credit).


The two main skills I am concentrating on are queueing and keeping him on this planet on the start line.

My mental strength is vitally important – keeping a calmness and being in control is a must. Any excitement from me or being unnaturally over-strict adds fuel to the fire.

At home I am developing an excellent start with a 3 2 1 go (get me). I can walk off, run off, throw a toy etc. I’ve already had a couple of rounds at shows where he has gone when I’ve calmly indicated he can go with me standing beside the first jump. However, I am not sure if I will ever get past that jump at a show. And thats just me – I find I can’t walk passed it!

Years ago I abseiled down a 110ft building for charity. I thought I would find it easy, enjoyable even, as although I had not abseiled before, I had no fear of heights etc. Imagine my surprise when stood on the parapet my mind could not convince my feet to step over the edge!

I did eventually, so I’m hoping that whatever is in my mind that is currently not allowing me to walk past that first jump will be overcome. It does make me think that Moog has something in his mind that compels him to take that jump even though he wants to wait.

On another note I’m very proud to have received a thank you card from one of my Inneragility coaching students who has just made one of their dogs up to Agility Champion. Very well done Lian.

Lian has a great approach to get what she wants and has enlisted a range of people to enable her to achieve her dreams. She asked me to help with her mental game.

I think many people work hard, it is finding the right thing to work hard at that makes a difference. Lian applies herself to any task I ask of her and we work very well together. She knows her strengths and uses them well. Sonic gaining his title of Agility Champion was not the goal we were actually working on, this is just an extra and I’m looking forward to helping Lian further.

On one occasion Lian text me to say “thank you for helping me be the person I was today“.

To me that’s the essence of my coaching – helping someone be that person they want to be at the time they need to be.

Its not about changing who you are, more finding out what you’re truly capable of.

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