Launching the International Tour

The first heat of the International Tour will be held this Saturday at Lune Valley agility show. This represents a key milestones in the future of this exciting competition.

Having access to FCI style competitions in the UK has been something that Agility Team GB handlers have requested every year since I’ve been involved with the team. I’m really pleased we are about to hold the first heat.

A lot of people have helped us get to this stage and I’d particularly like to call out my thanks to: Lune Valley dog training club for running the first heat for us; Hannah Banks the judge and her assistant Jonathon Hallam and all the team helping on Saturday. I would also like to recognise the hard work done by Neil Ellis, Becky Sargent, Martin Cavill, Gina and the Kennel Club who have provided fantastic support to this project.

The heats held in 2019 are going to have a lot of focus on them to see how they run in practice. We’ll be keeping an eye on the entries, the format, the capping system and of course reviewing the feedback we get from competitors and show secretaries to help us develop the tour for the future.

The aim is for this competition to grow and be seen as a credible FCI style competition based in the UK providing practice opportunities for team members and experience to those handlers interested in international FCI competitions in the future.

Thank you to everyone who is made this possible.

To find out more about Agility Team GB visit the Kennel Club web site

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