Change one thing

Our coaching programs help students reach their goals and often achieve their wildest dreams.

Part of our approach is breaking big goals into smaller achievable actions and creating habits to maintain forward focus.

One of my current aims is achieving zero waste at home. I did consider aiming for being single use plastic free, but in some aspects of that society is just relocating the problem and not really finding practical and sustainable solutions.

An example is bamboo straws. These are better than plastic straws, but bamboo production is a huge source of deforestation in some parts of the the world. The better choice is no straws… unless absolutely necessary.

There is a maze of other complications around doing your best for the environment and a multitude of people saying that I won’t make a difference.

I can choose to agree or I can choose to start to change my own impact.

I then chose to tell as many people as I can about it.

If you change just one thing and tell just one person and that person changes one thing they do and tells one person etc. then together I believe we can make a difference.

I do not want to think about the alternative.

Here are a few simple things we’re changing:

  • We always take a travel mug/water container & cutlery;
  • Use soap bars and shampoo bars rather from plastic bottles;
  • Recycled toilet paper (not wrapped in plastic);
  • Drink loose leaf tea rather than tea bags which contain micro-plastics;
  • Try to buy loose fruit and veg not wrapped in plastic;
  • Always take our own bags shopping;
  • Eat-in rather than on-the-go and
  • Always consider the options and look for environmental choices.

Like any new habit or skill I tend to do one thing at a time and not to punish myself too much for mistakes. In our convenient throw away society it’s easy to rush out and buy that deodorant that ticks all the right boxes (and is in a cardboard tube) from Amazon. It conveniently arrives the next day, only to find out the delivery packaging is plastic and excessive – epic fail.

Now when I buy things online I try to take care of where they are from and see if I can work out what kind of packaging it may come in.

I am not going to be hard on myself for the things I choose not to change and I will not judge other people by what they can and can not change, but I am hoping to become more diligent in making the right environmental choices until it becomes a way of life.

I am also becoming more vocal on this issue. I ask people I know if they have a travel mug if I’m spending a day with them and relying on a catering van. I ask the catering van to put my drink straight into the mug, I rang and asked the dry cleaners if they really needed to use those bags or if there was some way I could send dry cleaning in my own bag. And I even asked a hotel why they needed to give me a small plasticised card which only served to tell me my room number!

Change one thing and tell one person and maybe together we can keep our world.

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