Summer graduates

While we’re in the season of international competitions, here’s a blog from Summer Clark who has just competed at the Junior European Open in Switzerland in her last competition as a junior handler.

The past three years as a member of YKC Agility Team GB have been truly unforgettable.

They have seen me travel to Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland to compete for my country; something that I only ever dreamed of achieving. During my time as a member of the team, Ethel and I have grown as a partnership and vastly improved our skills on the agility field. In addition, my technical understanding of agility has improved and my confidence has blossomed, setting me up for a successful future in the world of the sport.

On top of the agility, I have made a countless amount of incredible friends that I know will last a lifetime. Being a member of the junior team has given me valuable experience that I will use as I progress onto the senior squad and continue on my lifelong agility journey. As much as I will miss it now that I have aged out, I am excited to move forward and use what it has taught me to become the best senior handler that I can be.

Thank you YKC Agility Team GB

Summer Clark

Summer will join the 2020 adult squad to continue her journey with Agility Team GB along with Sarah, Adam and Hannah.

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