Hannah gaining valuable experience

At the 2019 European Open Junior Championships, myself and Izzie competed for the third and final time as part of the Junior Team GB.

I am grateful for each of these opportunities from which I have taken away valuable experiences in the planning and preparation required for international competition. In particular, it has helped me to understand the importance of working to improve the human end of the partnership too, something I would often overlook before I was first invited onto the team in 2017.

Each year the support from the management team has allowed me to improve my confidence and feel more prepared when I stepped on the start-line at EOJ, so that I really began to enjoy attacking the courses and tackling more difficult skill sets in a challenging environment. This excitement and energy towards the challenging courses was something that was always shared with the whole team, creating an incredible sense of team spirit and camaraderie both leading up to the championships and at the event.

Everything I have learnt in the build up to these events has also helped me to achieve personal goals and to improve our consistency and clear rate at UK shows too, something which I am very grateful for. I now look forward to continuing to work hard towards the adult squad days, and applying everything I have learnt from being a member of the junior team to this new and exciting opportunity.

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