Adam’s medal successes

I have been a part of the YKC Team GB for 3 years, competing in Slovakia, Luxembourg with Jet and for the final time in Switzerland with Finn, both Face Rase Pyrenean Sheepdogs.

All the Junior European Open Championships have I been to have been different, but are unified as an amazing experience, made sweeter by winning a few medals in the team events along the way.  

The EOJ’s are unlike any agility competition in the UK, the noise of the competitors ringside chanting, loud cheering combined with slow clapping to carry you round the course if it all goes wrong seems quite alien at first but it really does add to the spirit of the event.

The pressure of competing for your country is immense but also so enjoyable. The course designs are different and can be very challenging, especially with discrimination of obstacles and the large distance to get around the courses.

This year in Switzerland I remember watching in awe as I saw the under 15 competitors (Including our very own Taylor Lyon) getting around courses that I could only dream to achieve when I was that age.

I would truly recommend trying out for the YKC Team GB, regardless of your age, the memories and friendships will stick with you and influence how you run and perform in agility competitions in the future.

Adam Stretton