Our youngest Team GB member this year

The whole event was amazing, I’d never seen anything like it! This was my first year on the team and I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone else on the team made me feel welcome even if it was their first time too. I was the youngest on the team but I wasn’t made to feel like it.

Even before the competition started most of the team had already been out having fun together in Kreuzlingen. We went to a nearby water park in the day and in the evening we tried mini golf. As I had expected, I wasn’t very good. We also had a team meal, which was very social and then we went to play football on the astroturf field. GBR vs USA, Belgium and the rest of the world. GBR won!

At the opening ceremony we were greeted with thundering rain. We wrapped GB Flags around us and cheered when they called out GB’s name. Afterwards, because it was still raining, we danced and sang to many different songs.

When it came to the competing, each day came with new classes, new courses and new surprises. That was what I loved about the whole thing, not to mention the atmosphere, the crowds and the cheering. Elliott and Tariq were great for me and it was such a privilege to stand on the podium with both of them as a part of Team GB.

At the end of it all we had a closing ceremony and we said goodbye to everyone. It was sad to leave but we hope that we’ll all be back together again next year.

This was the greatest time I’d ever had and it taught me loads about agility and preparation. I would like to say a big thanks to the Coaching Team. You have all been great at supporting me through my first year on the Team.

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