There’s been a lot going on…and more to come

It’s been a busy few weeks behind the scenes at Agility Team GB. Our main focus has been on preparing for the FCI Agility World Championships in Finland, a really exciting and big event for us.

The team have been training hard this summer putting in a lot of miles, time and effort to get themselves and their dogs ready. They start the journey to Turku later this week to get settled ready for the championships which start on 19th September.

This week we’ve announced a new partnership with Hartpury university/college. This is fantastic news for the team and the wider Kennel Club. The facilities at Hartpury are amazing. I’ve been fortunate to work with them over the last few months to get the partnership in place and I’ve got to know the facilities and people well. I’m sure anyone who goes there as part of team GB will be impressed and gain a lot of benefit from working with them. 

Hartpury will be our home for the majority of the team training and therefore our squad days, team days and any additional events will be held there too. However, the Performance Weekend won’t be held there in 2020 due to additional building works underway, it could go there in the future though.

Not forgetting the YKC Junior Team, the Try-out day to select the 2020 squad will be held at Newark show ground on 26th October as part of a bigger YKC weekend. You can find the details on the YKC web site including the entry form. Once selected, the YKC squad will also be training at Hartpury this winter.

So, as always there’s a lot going on in the team and I’m sure with the European Open being held in the UK next year, we’re going to be kept busy for the next few months.


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