The wind of change

‘When the wind of change blows some people build windmills and some people build wind breaks’ (Chinese proverb).

The wind of change is blowing strong at the moment.

We’re being challenged on many fronts and I fear for some, the near future to going to get a lot tougher before it starts improving. One mental skill that is definitely needed in times like these is resilience.

A sports psychologist I’ve worked with is an expert in this subject. Its a topic that he continually researches and writes about and a topic I regularly top-up my knowledge of.

Resilience is more than bounce-back-ability, it’s about having the mental strength to work through challenges that come our way. It’s about having a robust methodology or process that helps you think through conditions that could otherwise cause mental suffering. And, it’s about understanding how we each react to different situations and then help us to think logically about them.

There are skills and techniques we can learn and then apply to our own unique personal self rather than looking for a one-size fits all solution.

So while we’re observing social distancing, self-isolation and working through these difficult times, try to make time to read ‘The Resilience Factor‘, it might just help you remain strong while the wind of change is blowing.




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