While you have the time…

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re keeping well and safe during these challenging times.

Last month I wrote about resilience, a strength being tested for many people now as we’re confined to our homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Karen and I have recorded a series of live broadcasts on our Inner Agility Facebook group to give people ideas about how they can use their mental strengths to cope with the current crisis. I hope you find them useful and maybe they re-ignite your memory of our seminar’s and the ideas you took away.

Many people are making the most of the time they’re spending at home by catching up on those tasks/projects/activities they’ve been meaning to do, but struggle to find the time to…me included. It’s certainly a good idea, and one that will help to keep you occupied, avoid going stir-crazy and develop new skills. We tend to get caught up in everyday life and routines that make it difficult finding time to step back and consider other interests.

The business and career world call this extra learning ‘Continual Personal Development’ (CPD). I think a lot of us do this without putting a name or tag to it, we just don’t always acknowledge it as development. I’m hearing about people who have taken to relearn the piano, drawing, painting, reading and all sorts of other skills they’ve wanted to do.

Our online training programmes for agility instructors and coaches has seen increased interest from people wanting to develop their skills too. This is really encouraging as improving instructors skills and offering them support was something we set out to do when Agility1st was set-up.

Learning new skills and subjects is very healthy for our brains. Recent research shows that simple things like learning to use your non-dominant hand or learning a second language has long-lasting and powerful effects that keep our brains healthy and active.

What’s your new found skill….

Keep safe and well


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