Time for Change

This year is turning out to be like no other in unbelievable ways.

It’s natural to go through many feelings in times of turmoil and no one will go through exactly the same emotions.

For those that are now unable to work or are working from home and staying home you may be getting towards the bored stage.

Boredom is under-rated with studies now showing that boredom can be good for us. It allows the creative part of our brains to come to the fore.

Luckily those very creative amongst us have already been at work – setting up online courses and fun challenges to occupy us.

Family and friends have been able to use modern technology to establish regular ways to keep in touch. I’ve had loads of contact with my immediate family in the last couple of weeks and caught up with some lovely friends that I’d not seen in a while.

It looks like this situation is here for a while now. This could give us a lot of time on our hands after all the chores have been done.

Life is a bit like a giant hamster wheel and keeping that wheel going becomes the most important thing. Suddenly we are off that wheel.


The things that defined us are no longer the things that are happening or can happen.

We can think about what is important to us.

 What we really live for and who we really are.


Humans grow when they have something to do, something to look forward to and are able to make some achievement.

What can we plan for and achieve in this current climate?

I am using this time to:

> Look at some domestics with our dogs. Thinking of the times that I’d like them to understand that it is not helpful for them all to rush through the door etc. I now have time to wait for them to work out that the door is only opening when they are ALL sat. Then they need only go through the door when I say their name. After all they can do it when posing for photos.

> Tidy up my photos after all, does the world really need 301 photos of my dogs sat on a log?

Develop better communication habits with Mark and actively listen

Work with Mark on Agility 1st website and modules

Reassess our impact on the environment – more on that in part two of this blog.

Not lose sight of my ideal weight – whilst allowing for the natural instinct to eat when in times of crisis and not having all my usual food choices available.

Find motivation for keeping fit when for years my motivation was not wanting to be out of breath when I came out of the competition ring.

We often talk about the power of habits and as usual we can recommend a couple of good books on the subject. Let me know if you want details.

It seems I’ve got out of the habit of writing concise blogs so I will have to continue this one next week

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