About Inneragility

Mark and Karen discovered dog agility in the early days of the sport over 30 years ago.

They have been active members of various clubs, including establishing their own club – UpAndOver, have competed at all major UK finals with their dogs and have travelled overseas to international competitions too.

Today they live in Nottinghamshire with their five dogs where Karen is a full-time dog agility coach and Mark follows his career in project management along with providing 1-2-1 performance coaching.

Mark was the International Team Manager for Agility Team GB the national team sponsored and supported by the Kennel Club from 2013 – 2020. This uniquely placed him in a position to prepare top handlers to compete against the best in world.

With their many years of experience and knowledge Mark & Karen have developed their own specialist areas of performance coaching. They pride themselves on being able to help handlers of all ages and abilities to reach their goals.

Why InnerAgility?

Inner (dictionary definition)

  • situated inside or further in; internal
  • close to the centre
  • close to the centre of power
  • mental or spiritual
  • (of thoughts or feelings) private and not expressed or discernible
  • denoting a concealed or unacknowledged part of a person’s personality

Agility (dictionary definition)

  • ability to move quickly and easily
  • ability to think and understand quickly

Inneragility students have abilities to understand, think and move quickly in challenging situations, using mental, spiritual feelings from deep inside. These feelings are powerful and used correctly they will give strong drive towards full achievement.

Very often it’s easy to just think of “the mental game” , we believe that although that is worthwhile if you look deeper and use your heart too then the results are more easily obtained and longer lasting. You can’t change your heart but you can change your habits to keep your best traits at the fore front of your mind.