Sports psychology - the secret to improving performance

Having the ability to train an agility dog, run fast and master handling skills isn’t enough in todays competitive sport of dog agility. Handlers also need to master their mind and unlock the power of the mental game. Mark and Karen have delivered seminars on the use of sports psychology in dog agility to over 400 agility handlers in the UK and overseas.

Between them they have built up an in-depth knowledge of how the mental game effects performance. They can provide you with the tools to over-come any negativity that can play on your mind and prevent you from performing at your best when it really matters.

Mark regularly works with sports psychologists from other fields and continues to study and research how this fascinating area of mindset effects performance.

Both Mark and Karen incorporate their knowledge and experience of sports psychology into their coaching.
Clients are equipped to over-come anxiety, deal with nerves and build their confidence ready for when they stand on the start line.


"Thank you for all the mental prep for the events leading up to this moment. It’s helped so so much I’m not sure I can ever explain to you how much. Thank you and I hope to continue doing some more work in progressing with more mental prep towards the EO"
Agility Team GB EO 2018 competitor